Download a crochet blanket sizes chart. Take a look!  (it’s free!)


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  1. Susie H.

    Love the look of this hat. I just happen to have the very yarn you used. I did the first 4 rounds and my hat only measures 4 inches, instead of 6 inches. I do not crochet tight at all and I am using a I hook. Help Please.

  2. Susie H.

    10 stitches per 2″ I looked at the gauge and cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong !
    Brain is not working .

  3. Susie H.

    Figured it out, I have 3 project going at once. Of course I see this really cute hat on facebook, and my mind says ohh you need to make that hat. I think I may have pick up the wrong hook, so i’m starting over, I have 2 rows done and the gauge looks good. Thanks for the beautiful pattern.

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